Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our outstanding sponsors for all of their help and support with getting this project off the ground!  Their generosity allows us to bring the What You Don’t See trailer to locations near you, gather specialists and counselors for your benefit, and assemble these invaluable resources and information for your disposal. We truly can’t thank them enough, and urge you to do the same by pledging your support to their causes and taking some time to head over to their pages and view what they have to offer.

The INOA was formed in 2004 by numerous law enforcement officers throughout the State of Iowa. In 2005, the INOA hosted its inaugural training conference in Johnston, Iowa. To date the association is made up of over 238 members ranging from officers, agents, intelligence analysts, prosecutors and others who work in law enforcement career fields. The Association recognizes that narcotics, drugs, and other addictive substances are, and have been, one of the greatest internal threats to the citizens of the United States, the State of Iowa, and each of our communities. The purpose of the Iowa Narcotics Officers’ Association is to provide education and training and to facilitate the establishment and growth of partnerships and communication between members. Click here to visit their website.

Sammons Financial Group, Inc. (SFG) is the parent of a group of member companies under the insurance Holding Company Act made up of several successful financial services companies offering a variety of financial and retirement products through multiple distribution channels. These consist of retirement products, annuities, variable annuities, variable life insurance, and life insurance (including bank, corporate, and credit union-owned life insurance). The member companies of SFG include North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, Midland National Life Insurance Company, including its divisions, Sammons Annuity Group and Sammons Corporate Markets Group, Sammons Retirement Solutions Inc., and Sammons Financial Network LLC. Click here to visit their website.

When Carl Moyer first opened his doors in January 1978, he started with nothing more than a vision and a plan. He quickly established a set of ground rules that put the customer number one, treating everyone the same after a sale as we do during the purchase process. With his hands-on approach and daily involvement we can proudly say this attitude has not change in over 35 years.

In 2007, Carl Moyer introduced Karl Chevrolet as Your Dealer For Life, with the realization that this is much more than a slogan. It’s a commitment and a promise Carl personally made to invest in the customer to provide a premier automotive experience. The bottom line…we want you coming back and to keep you as a customer for life.
Karl Chevrolet proudly hosts an Emergency Vehicles division to assist Iowa’s municipalities with various transportation needs. Through this program, the What You Don’t See project was able to acquire a truck to bring this experience to a town near you!
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